About Us

We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization

Our Mission

To promote the participatory process of civic engagement and build social capital for workforce development and entrepreneurship in civil society's urban center communities through the use of technology, urban planning process, and  critical thinking.

Our Vision

We envision sustainable and resilient urban centers in which community, business, and government success are connected.

Why Cultural Planning?



Most of our planning is made by experts, good professionals but outsiders.  As outsiders, the knowledge they have about a community proceeds from “cold sources” that could be objective and neutral…or not. Thus, current planning is constrained by information, opinion, and ways of doing which are external to the community.  


Seeking Balance

As we seek to balance this situation, the diverse legislations have imposed different ways of “civic participation”. With regards to civic participation many traditional vices have appeared again:

o The use of quantitative surveys is severely limiting data collection 

o Few people are giving opinions or even information 

o Participation process is hardly seen as a formality. 

o Many planners do not consider the need to bring input from a large part of residents; giving rise to non-acceptance of what is forthcoming and disenfranchisement often leading to vandalism, crime, and non-functioning infrastructure as intended by planners and designers.  


Cultural mapping is committed to improve the participation process through:

o Using qualitative open surveys

o Involving local people as interviewers 

o Creating local maps by locating mental images on real places. We have gathered this concept from the theories of Giusseppe Dematteis, an influent Italian planner that developed the “implicit project” concept, or how to improve planning by deeply knowing a territory. 

o Heritage is a good ally in the process.     



How We Roll... 1, 2, 3 Get ready to experience urban (cultural) planning in a different way!!!!!!!!

  1. To achieve our mission and vision we developed 8 programs where all have the opportunity to participate.
  2. The 8 programs is Beyond GeoSpace and focuses on heritage(s) and culture(s) of communities.
  3. We value local and global and to ensure we remain objective our team comprises a global reach to serve local communities: we follow the communities lead!

Beyond Fordism Social Capital


Part 1

Where we provide workshops for urban center residents to bring about peace, love, and harmony through cultural activities as well as dispel myths about civil society and learn the bases for 21st Century social capital needed for success in living wage employment and vocation in community. 

Beyond Fordism Entrepreneur RoundUp


Part 2

Gain exposure to entrepreneurship for ages 7-18 whereas youth can learn about the work ethic and dynamics needed for success.

Beyond Fordism 4 Corners


Part 3

Workshops providing a foundation for understanding the new paradigm of work ethic and moving forward in civil society.

Beyond Turf: Becoming


Part 4

5th Estate

Newsletter about heritage and culture in urban centers.   

  • News of food culture, interior design as it relates to sustainability in the home, culture/heritage as it relates to building and maintaining legacy, community stewardship, and fashion.


  • To provide financial literacy to youth and their parents and/or guardians. 

Beyond Turf: Food Nutrition Culture


Part 5

 Provide opportunity for youth and adult engagement with the culture of food.


Beyond Turf: Space and Cultural Sustainability


Part 6

Sustainability workshops for the family on the issue of culture, health: plants, paint, art and furniture for the interior of the home. Interior design options and the support of items with low vocs to impact health and environment.

Beyond Turf Cultural Mapping


Part 7

  1. Annual Jornadas Seminar to highlight cultural sustainability through heritage and culture.
  2. Knowledge bases cultural mapping to promote civic engagement, intercultural dialogue, and economic development.

Beyond Turf Thoroughfare Dens


Part 8

Learning labs located on thoroughfares where community vocation leadership and legacy can develop while assisting with building community, cultural planning and civic engagement.

1st Annual Jornada


Thank You

Every speaker and audience member that came out and supported our 1st Annual Jornada., Thank you!



Did you know Big Boys is going away in Islandview?


Avenue Of Fashion

The height of dining at 1917 American Bistro!

Working Together


A Gratitude of Thanks

Talbiyah Inc has grown because of the commitment of Detroit LISC.

Hear ye Hear ye!

We need community support! Coming soon we will have video support to demonstrate the need for Talbiyah Inc in urban center communities.


Together we can achieve!

Since 2014


Urbs et Ager

Forming Connections

Forming Connections

An international urban planning & heritage association Founded by Dr. Antonio Lista


Forming Connections

Forming Connections

Forming Connections

Connectivity is important. Talbiyah Inc and Urbs et Ager work closely to bring best outcomes for urban centers.


Talbiyah Inc

Forming Connections

Talbiyah Inc

Cultural & Heritage planning organization ensuring local is connected to global and urban planning brings about an image beyond self visioning.

Board of Directors


Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Abd'Elaziz- President, Urban Planner, Organizational Developer, ABA Therapist

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Allen- Vice Chair, Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Investor

Chief Liaison Officer

A. Walker- Life Coach, Real Estate Investor

Chief Information Officer

Devan Miller- Secretary, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur 


 Jennifer Young-Project Management at Michigan Interfaith & Light  


 Audie Hayes- Creative Artist, Entrepreneur 


Sampson Cunningham- Videographer


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