How We Roll..... 1, 2, 3 Get ready to experience urban planning & education differently!

We developed 8 programs where all have the opportunity to participate:

Beyond Turf

Beyond Turf Cultural Planning

Why Cultural Planning?


The process of cultural planning traditionally brings community together through various types of fun, festivals, and activities that allow the community to begin conversations to bring about moving from self-image within community to a community or collective image. Communities can elect not to engage is such activities to bring about a cultural plan. Cultural planning is a piece of public policy to bring about an understanding of community that transcends organizational goals or strategic visioning. 

The main goal in such a planning is to create through interviews: a strong image of our spaces, by giving value to our landscapes, our heritage, and our people. An atypical strategic vision focuses on self-image and may not elaborate on community image despite its goal orientation nature around land-use. Goal orientation may not provide the best synopsis to clarify the essence of urban center communities that all too often are categorized on the harsh outlook of socio-economics. 

Cultural planning brings a fresh perspective of looking at the community through a cultural and heritage lens, providing new perspectives to outsiders such as business and government entities. The sterile view of economic demographics in areas seeking to embrace self-determination and rise out of poverty all too often leaves an image of non-compliance towards civil society and does not promote a strong narrative for sustainable development for urban center communities. 

Through crafting culture into the comprehensive plan, we begin to frame a very different narrative of hopes, desires, and capacities while maintaining autonomy to build economic development thereby allowing for different paradigms than mainstream outlook for building community. Cultural planning is an avenue to gain social capital when a community may not have adequate financial capital to ascertain funding for projects. Social capital is capital that can begin the process of securing financial capital.

Traditional planning provides the foundation in areas such as: building community, economic prosperity, transportation, and community assets. Foundational information may not make connections to funding sources regarding the viability of a community to carry out the tenets of the planning elements. Cultural planning is an enhancement and elaboration of traditional planning that allows for the urban planning process to get a 360 rather than a 180-degree view and expand the narrative through public policy which drives funding.

Beyond Turf Space and Cultural Sustainability

Space and Cultural Sustainability

Sustainability workshops for the family on the issue of culture, health, plants, paint, art and furniture for the interior of the home. Interior design options and the support of items with low vocs to impact health and environment. 

Helping a local learning center

The Nest Learning Center is one of our sites where we are impacting the community through helping with low voc paint, interior design features such as ceiling medallions, and coffee party to support cultural sustainability.

We think the environment of inside space is important to urban center communities because it has the ability to shape the thinking of the people. 

Under Construction

We are working with Veterans

The Beaudry Post 126 at 12775 Harper Ave is in need of repairs inside of their post home from roof leaks and turning back on their utilities. Talbiyah Inc begun the process of helping out by being a part of a clean up and getting support to help veterans keep their third place and provide space for Talbiyah Inc learning lab--the Beaudry Thoroughfare Den.

Third spaces like the Beaudry Post for veterans and the Beaudry Thoroughfare Den are important spaces in the urban center because these type of spaces allow for growth and community building.

Beyond Turf Food Nutrition Culture

Food Nutrition Culture

Provide opportunity for community engagement interviews and taped cooking opportunities to discuss and learn more about the nutrition and culture of food in urban centers.  

Our first show

A Grand Governess of Moorish Science Temple of America presented a quick healthy meal at our taping held at Church of Messiah. Also C Wat Tee Watson demonstrated technique through his chicken and vegetable dish.

Under Construction

Thoroughfare Learning Den

Our new site has a full commercial kitchen that will give us access to do more cooking shows of Beyond Turf Food Nutrition Culture providing urban center community with ability to learn, share, and build community around food.....Yummy!

Beyond Turf Becoming

5th Estate

Newsletter about heritage and culture in urban centers coming in 2019.


Journey towards metacognition through spoken word of reflection. Our urban centers are full of people from pain of poverty, oppression, and violence. Remedy is a way we are providing to help our urban center citizens overcome and begin the process of moving forward to economic development.

Under Construction

Beginning in 2019

We are getting ready to bring you a way to express and read about important matter to you. Look for 5th estate in Spring of 2019.

Beyond Turf Social Capital

Social Capital

Where we provide workshops for urban center residents to bring about peace, love, and harmony through critical thinking as well as dispel myths about civil society. ​Student learn the bases for 21st Century social capital needed for success in living wage employment and vocation in community,    

and the value of urban planning process. Students learn social and emotional intelligence which supports their cultural competency. 

Pilot Launch

Talbiyah Inc worked with NorthEnd Neighborhood Patrol 4Ward Phoenix in the Winter 2017 on the issue of Social Capital. Students expanded on their learning and gain skills to help them understand what they need to fulfill their mission of becoming managers of a neighborhood mini golf course.

Under construction

Beyond Turf 4 Corners

4 Corners

Workshops providing a foundation for understanding the new paradigm of work ethic and moving forward in civil society. 

Every Youth Between 16 to 22 should get one

Our citizen youth in the urban center need the benefit of exploration and behavioral assessment on the self and teams. This can provide urban center citizen youth the needed insight to succeed in civil society.  We ask you to support Talbiyah Inc as we bring quality programs that are going to impact systemic change!

A California Business Lady

We have the support of a California Business Lady, Bonnie Burn that believes in the hard work of our Founder Michelle Abd'Elaziz and is working with Talbiyah Inc to provide discounted behavioral assessment available now. Please contact Michelle at 248.219.9879 to set up  behavioral assessment for youth 16 to  22 and help them discover themselves and how to interact with those around them.

Beyond Turf Entrepreneur Round Up

Entrepreneur Round Up

Gain exposure to the dynamics to build capacity for entrepreneurship. Ages 7 to 22. Participants get opportunity to experience science in the area of innovation through astronomy, measurement, sound, and shapes.  

Our first group of students

Welcome to Sisterhood in Cleveland, Ohio brought a group of students to participate in Entrepreneur Round Up. The girls had a blast and are eager to return and experience more learning from Entrepreneurship Round Up.

Entrepreneur Round Up First Group of Participants

Welcome to Sisterhood

Welcome to Sisterhood from Cleveland, Ohio brought a group of students to participate in Entrepreneur Round Up. The girls had a blast and are eager to return and experience more learning from Entrepreneurship Round Up. 

Welcome to Sisterhood. CEO

Here is the powerhouse, Angel Reese who is celebrating 10 years with Welcome to Sisterhood. She is the Founder and CEO and is excited about collaborating with Talbiyah Inc from her experience with Entrepreneur Round Up.

Innovation and History

Participants spent the day between the Michigan Science Center (Talbiyah) and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History (Welcome to Sisterhood). The Michigan Science Center gave them the opportunity to connect with innovation and Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History connected them to their roots.

The Nest planning to experience Entrepreneur Round Up

Bes and NFR Co Founders of the Nest Learning Center

Talbiyah encountered The Nest Learning Center through our Space and Cultural Sustainability Program. Bes and NFR love of community shows through their tireless work of giving the children in their community of Hope District lots of bonding, educational information and support of self.

December 30, 2018 Outing with the Nest Learning Cente

Coming Soon!

Beyond Turf Thoroughfare Learning Dens

Learning Den

Our first Learning den is located at 12775 Harper near Dickerson on Detroit eastside. Our Learning Den is on thoroughfare where community vocation leadership and legacy can develop while assisting with cultural planning and social learning.

MLK Day Fundraiser for Veterans on 1-13-18

Asiatic Acoustics Mobile Dinner Theatre  with Executive Chef Stef and Marine. Spoken Word with Dahveed Nelson of the Last Poets, Lorna Jackie Wilson, LadyFireTide, Long Hairz Collective, Rashida Bennett-El, Osvaldo 'Ozzie' Rivera with BombaRica, and Comedian Bill HIll.

For More Information on Save The Post, Create A Learning Lab