Create a Learning Lab at Fred W. Beaudry Post 126

 Well over 50 people came out to our MLK Day event Save a Post, Create A Learning Lab! Special Thanks to: Joy Jem CDC & Love and Kindess CDC for parterning with us to make our event a success!

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Beaudry Den Learning Lab Spring Fundraiser

Talbiyah Inc...The Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword--Beyond Turf

The Fred W. Beaudry Post 126 is located in the Ravendale Community at 12775 Harper, Detroit, MI 48213.  The  veterans at this post is providing space for Talbiyah Inc to build a learning lab. Talbiyah Inc wants to raise $50,000.00 to turn on utilities which are in arrears, fix leaky roof, and create a learning lab for youth, veterans, veteran's family, and the community.  At our learning lab we are planning to have 3D Digital Sculpting, teach social and emotional intelligence, incorporate a sustainability lab outdoors, and facilitate our programs.

Become a patron and commit to 2 theater tickets per season to build a space for higher order thinking that assists to gain and retain living wage employment. As a Patron you will be part of the collaborative that teaches a man to fish so he won't go hungry. Talbiyah Inc is a tax exempt 501 c 3 organization and your patronage is tax deductible. 

For more information on tickets, contact Michelle at 248.219.9879

Bring Your Family and Friends!

The Spring Fundraiser is on June 17, 2018 at the Detroit Repertory Theatre located: 13103 Woodrow Wilson, Detroit, MI 48238. Reception is at 6:30 pm  and includes  complimentary champagne beverage (given by the Theatre) non alcoholic beverage is available, curtain at 7:30 pm. Celebrate Father's Day by creating a leisure activity, supporting the arts, and helping to build a learning lab. Your patronage donation gets us one step closer to the Beaudry Post 126 opening its doors for our first Thoroughfare Den Learning Lab.  Be a part of change and get your credit or debit card out, click on link below to order your tickets today! Tickets are 1 for $35.00 and 2 for $50.00. Call Michelle at 248.219.9879 for any questions and/or concerns.

Save a Post, Create a Learning Lab MLK 2018 Event

Spoken Word

Dahveed Nelson

Spoken Word


Spoken Word

Lorna Jackie Wilson


Osvalso "Ozzie" Rivera


Long Hairz Collective


Michael Horner

January 13, 2018 MLK Day Weekend Fundraiser event

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April 6, 2017 1st Jornada Seminar: Beyond Ashes Detroit Public Library Main Campus Auditorium